It's official, Fortnite is returning to Chapter 1 next month

Image Credit: Epic Games (Image credit: Epic Games)

It's happening, Fortnite is turning back the clocks to Chapter One, suggesting the game's original map will make its return once again.

Epic Games has officially announced that the battle royale will take players "back to Chapter One" in the next major update following month-long hints of plans to bring back the original Island in some fashion through time travel.

Scheduled to arrive on November 3, not many details have been revealed about the update just yet, but it already has fans excited. Epic also confirmed that even though the game will return to its roots, the sprinting and mantle features will thankfully still be present.

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It hasn't been explicitly confirmed that the original map is returning, but earlier in Chapter Four Season Four, a time machine was added to the game alongside a loading screen that displayed a specific date - which effectively kicked off the initial rumors.

This date which appears on the time machine is June 12, 2018, the day that Chapter One Season Five was released, implying that during the final event of the current season, players could be transported back to the original map. 

Additionally, with patch 26.30, the time machine also appears to have brought items from Chapter One Season Five to the current map, which can be found in Frenzy Fields, as well as a billboard in Mega City teasing the chapter from five years ago.

Only yesterday (October 26), Epic boss Mark Rein shared a post hinting at what's to come saying: "My word for the next season of Fortnite is: rewind."

It seems the hints are adding up to what rumors have been suggesting, but in true Epic Games fashion, we'll probably have to wait a little longer to find out for certain.

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