Immortals of Aveum's newest trailer shows off coloured magic system

Immortals of Aveum magic system
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Immortals of Aveum's newest trailer gives players a brilliant explanation of the intricate colored magic system. 

This in-game mechanics trailer follows on from the campaign trailer that was released earlier this year after it was announced that EA was delaying the FPS title for a short while.

Immortals of Aveum follows the character Jak as he joins an elite order of battlemages set on saving the world before it's engulfed in war. Players must uncover the mysteries of Aveum's troubled past and master three forces of magic to unleash spells that "defies FPS conventions". 

In the newest trailer, we can see the colored magic system in the world of Aveum, where "magic powers everything. From Industry and everyday life to the military might of its five kingdoms". 

In this trailer, we find out that the playable character Jak is a Triarch, a very rare type of spellcaster who is able to wield all three types of magic. With the help of your weapon, the sigil, you'll be able to focus your magic and fire it with accuracy making "it more effective and deadly in combat". 

Red sigils are meant for close-quarters combat. These fury spells are more powerful and "heavy" as they drastically drain your mana bar; these should be saved for big crowds or boss fights. You'll also need to find and crush mana crystals to replenish your mana before the next skirmish. 

Blue sigils focus your magic into powerful bolts for "long-range engagements". You can also use this for augment spells, magic that lets you move objects or access hidden locations. These will come in handy when you're faced with the many puzzles that are scattered around the world of Aveum. Finally, Green sigils "cast rapid-fire homing projectiles", meaning that players can fire at enemies while on the go. While all colors of spells work against enemies, attacks are more effective when you line up the color of the enemy to the color of the magic you're using.   

You'll also have the benefit of control spells that act like stuns on the battlefield. "Jak can pull enemies towards him, slow enemies down, or stun enemies".  However, the most powerful attack in Immortals of Aveum is called Immolate. This ultimate is powered up over time and is released in a "destructive beam of red, blue, and green magic to disintegrate anything in your way".  

Immortals of Aveum doesn't just stop at the spellcasting. There's also boundless loot to collect, skill trees to upgrade, weapons to customize, and armor to pick. You'll be able to play Immortals of Aveum on August 22, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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