Head of Xbox Phil Spencer says he can't 'rule out' Indiana Jones and Starfield coming to PS5

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Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has revealed his plans for the future of Xbox in a brand new interview. 

Speaking about Xbox's plans to experiment with opening up exclusive titles to PlayStation users, Spencer also explained his goals for future Xbox hardware and Xbox Game Pass (via The Verge).  

When asked about his plans to bring four Xbox exclusives to other platforms, Spencer replied: "We want to see what happens, because going and doing the development work to bring them to new platforms is real work. We want to make sure that the return makes sense. We want to make sure the audience that's there has an appetite - maybe they don't." 

The interview also touched on the possibility of bringing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Starfield to new platforms, too. "I don't think we should as an industry ever rule out a game going to any other platform [but] we're focused on these four games and learning from the experience [first]." 

Spencer was keen to temper expectations. "I don't want to create a false expectation on those other platforms that this is somehow the first four to get over the dam, and then the dam's going to open, and everything else is coming; that's not the plan today."

Touching on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, Spencer also clarified that "our goal is not to make everybody a Game Pass subscriber [...] maybe 10-15 percent of our content and service revenue is subscriber revenue. It's a good business for us today, Game Pass, but in no way is there a plan that says, 'Okay, everybody needs to become a Game Pass subscriber.'"

The CEO also touched on his ambitions for the future of Xbox hardware. "[We're] really thinking about creating hardware that sells to gamers because of the unique aspects of the hardware. It's kind of an unleashing of the creative capacity of our hardware team that I'm excited about," said Spencer.

This comes on the heels of an announcement by Xbox president Sarah Bond, which promised big hardware news "this holiday" alongside the promise of "the largest technical leap you will have ever seen in a hardware generation."

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