Fortnite's storm circles are getting nerfed because they're too fast

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games has changed the speed of Fortnite's storm circles following player feedback.

Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground just launched, introducing a bunch of new updates to the battle royale, including new sights to explore, a train that spans the entire island, five bosses, and of course Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

As usual, the season also arrived with tweaks to mechanics, like new movement animations and other quality-of-life changes, however, players have noticed that the game's storm circle seems to be much faster than it usually is.

Over on Reddit, one user asked, "What's with the storm circles this chapter?" going on to explain that "it feels like they're way faster than previous chapters. In early game you're already running from the storm in most matches, where in other seasons that only really happened in late game."

The user adds that at the end of a recent match, during their final battle, a circle "spawned so far away from the one we were all fighting in that none of us could even make it there before dying."

It seems the sentiment isn't isolated, as other players have also been experiencing the same problem, as seen in a separate Reddit post

Thankfully, Epic is aware of the issue and has already made a balancing update so storm circles one and two will take longer to close in on players. 

"We've heard some feedback from players saying that the storm is harder to escape since Chapter 5 Season 1 launch, so we've decided to make some balance adjustments: Storm Circles one and two now take 20 seconds longer to close," the Fortnite Status account explained in a recent Twitter post.

"We'll continue to monitor our Storm data and make additional changes if needed."

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