Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3 already has a "tentative first draft"

Barret firing his gun-arm at the Scorpion Sentinel during the first Mako Reactor mission
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Despite Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth still having months until launch, it's been revealed that an initial draft of its impending sequel has already been written. 

Producer Yoshinori Kitase made it clear at the 2023 Tokyo Game Show that a "tentative first draft" has been composed for Final Fantasy 7 Remake's third installment.

"I guess you could say that between myself, [director] Tetsuya Nomura, and [writer] Mr. Nojima, we have a tentative first draft for the scenario, and it's in a finished state, so things have gotten started," said Kitase. "That said, although we've gotten some work done, there will still be parts we create by combining players' responses and reactions and going over that feedback. So after the release of Part 2 - Rebirth - it's possible that the things we're coming up with for Part 3 - the concept, etc. - will change."

This translation of the statement was helpfully offered by the Shinra Archeology Department - a fan-run Twitter account dedicated to Final Fantasy 7. 

Given that the first installment of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy already deviated from the established story of the 1997 original, it follows that the state of the third entry in the series would be subject to change. It also seems likely that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will see further changes to the story of the game, too. 

It's no secret that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth switched up the formula of its original incarnation. The addition of the Arbiters of Fate - the ghostly protectors of the game's established timeline - as well as Cloud and friends' commitment to fight against these sinister specters, speaks to a willingness by the developers to depart from established canon and blaze their own trail. It appears that, with part three, developer Square Enix is sticking to its guns, at least insofar as it's willing to countenance diverging from the story of the original.

That said, we do not yet know what weight will be given to "players' responses and reactions" one Rebirth releases. For now, it seems like any potential changes to Kitase's plans for the trilogy will depend on how the second installment is received once it is released on February 29 next year.

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