Baldur's Gate 3's mod support patch will likely be the final major update

Baldur's Gate 3
(Image credit: Larian Studios)

It seems Baldur's Gate 3 mod support will be the final major update as Larian Studios looks to move on to other projects.

During BAFTA's An Evening with Baldur's Gate 3 event, Larian CEO Swen Vincke explained that while the development of the mod support feature hasn't yet finished and that it's been "hard trying to make that work", he and the team "really want to move forward and do new things" (via Eurogamer).

"One of the big things for us, and the one that we're really working towards now, is the ability for players to mod [Baldur's Gate 3] themselves, because then they will be able to make their own things," said Vincke. "And I think that will be the point where we're going to say 'ok, now it's yours fully'."

The final major update should arrive in September, but Vincke confirmed that the patch won't mean the end of technical support for the role-playing game, saying players "will see the level of support diminished to really critical bug fixes" and for now "we're still working as if the game was just out".

"We're working on our new thing, we're super excited about the new games," he continued. "We're creative spirits also. We don't want to keep on doing the same thing; we really want to move forward and do new things."

The official mod toolkit was confirmed to be in the works back in April and will essentially allow players creative freedom over the game, letting them change the game's visuals, animations, stats, and more.

The toolkit's closed alpha stage began on June 3, allowing players to aid Larian in its development, with a further closed beta set for July that will be capped at around 1,000 players that anyone on PC can sign up for.

The studio has also confirmed that it's still hard at work on the long-awaited in-game photo mode and crossplay, however, there's still no estimated release date for these features just yet. 

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