Avowed’s open-zone locations will be ‘size comparable’ to The Outer Worlds’ larger areas

A screenshot of a vast field in Avowed.
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Obsidian Entertainment’s next role-playing game, Avowed, is set to release some time this fall, and its director has just given a bit more of an idea of how large its world is going to be. 

In a new interview with Xbox Wire, director Carrie Patel reiterated the fact that Avowed won’t be open-world, but instead open-zone, meaning that players will be able to explore the world of Eora via a series of connected areas. As for their size, those who’ve played Obsidian’s 2019 RPG The Outer Worlds will apparently be able to draw comparisons to its larger maps. 

“It’s open-zone, size comparable to The Outer Worlds areas on the larger side, and [with] multiple paths essentially to tackle combat situations, or avoid them,” Patel said.

Patel also went on to tease Avowed’s “secrets” which “not everybody's gonna find.” Clearly, there’s going to be plenty for thorough players to discover. 

Fans were given a better look at Avowed and its combat systems during the Xbox Developer_Direct showcase last week. Notably, players will be able to utilize customizable loadouts which can be easily swapped to suit different battle situations. One shown during the stream revealed that you can even dual-wield wands to create a 'gunslinging mage' build, which seems like it'll be highly effective when it comes to dealing with crowds of enemies. 

Also revealed during the Developer_Direct was the first footage of Indiana Jones and The Great Circle - MachineGames’ highly anticipated first-person Indiana Jones action-adventure game. Like Avowed, it’s set to release exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC, although we don’t have a release window for it yet beyond the promise of it arriving at some point this year.

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