Avowed director confirms that footage from the developer direct 'was still a few weeks behind where we were at the time'

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Avowed's creator, Carrie Patel, spoke out about the upcoming fantasy game and how the team over at Obsidian Entertainment is still working hard to make it the best it can possibly be. 

"We're getting to share more and more, but all of that is while the game is still in progress," Patel said in an interview on Dropped Frames. "One of the heartening things has been seeing fans call out some of the things that we are actively working on, like the sense of hitting and impact when you're attacking enemies.

"What you all saw was still a few weeks behind where we were even when the footage was released, because that's the nature of the way that these things are put together." 

In this, Patel is referring to the response from Xbox's Developer Direct, which occurred a few weeks back and saw Obsidian Entertainment announce a release window for Avowed as well as a deeper look at the combat system. It showcased how players will be able to utilize customizable loadouts, which can be swapped during battle so that they can use a wide range of attacks against the various enemies.

Many players came away from the Developer Direct with more questions than answers, as several took to the internet to voice their disdain at the seemingly subpar fights. "The combat looks fine; it looks like it'll be more mechanically engaging than Skyrim, but obviously less than Pillars of Eternity," one Reddit user said in a discussion post

It seems as if there's still a lot to learn when it comes to Avowed and all its features, so for the time being; we'll just have to wait and trust that Obsidian Entertainment is doing the best job possible. "Trust us, we're working on it," Patel said in closing.

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