8BitDo Ultimate C controller to launch next week at a head-turning price

8BitDo Ultimate C
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Controller maker 8BitDo is back next week with its latest gamepad; the 8BitDo Ultimate C Bluetooth controller for Nintendo Switch.

The third in the Ultimate C lineup (following a 2.4GHz and wired version of the controller) is primarily designed to connect to Nintendo Switch consoles via Bluetooth, which means it may also be able to connect to Android devices, too.

The 8BitDo Ultimate C Bluetooth controller arrives next week on November 15 but can be pre-ordered now for $29.99 over at its Amazon store page in one of three colors: blue, orange, or pink. Currently, there's no UK listing for the controller, but given the Ultimate C 2.4G controller costs £24.99 in the region, we're expecting the same for the Bluetooth variant.

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In essence, the Ultimate C Bluetooth controller is a more budget-friendly version of the 8BitDo Ultimate. While the manufacturer says the controller features the "same ultimate build quality," there are some pared-down specs you should expect. 

For example, there's no 2.4GHz connectivity option with the Ultimate C, and the cheaper gamepad will only have a total of 16 hours of battery compared to its more expensive counterpart's 22 hours.

The Ultimate C also loses those two remappable back buttons and doesn't include a charging dock. However, if you already own the 8BitDo Ultimate, there's a chance the Ultimate C will be chargeable via the dock, too. Otherwise, you're still getting a USB-C port at the top of the pad for charging and wired play should you prefer.

8BitDo's controllers have typically been impressive. The 8BitDo Ultimate tops our list of the best Nintendo Switch controllers you can buy, wherein you'll also find the 8BitDo Arcade Stick. The recent 8BitDo NeoGeo Wireless controller also impressed us with its affordability and we found it to be a wonderful match for some of the best fighting games on Switch.

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