These are the best Nintendo Switch headset deals under $50 for Black Friday

Nintendo Switch headset deals roundup
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A cheap Nintendo Switch headset deal can be the perfect thing to immerse yourself in the latest games without breaking the bank too badly. Fortunately, our roundup aims those budget options targetting wallet-friendly alternatives to some of the more prominent names out there. 

In terms of sheer value, the PDP Gaming LVL40 Stereo Headset for just $9.99 (was $25) is a difficult value to argue against. If you're in the market for something more recognizable for a wallet-friendly rate, then the Turtle Beach Recon 70 should tick all the right boxes at $29.95 (was $40). We've even got a wireless option in these Nintendo Switch headset deals, with the KOFIRE UT-01 at $47.99 (was $70) at the cheapest price we can verify. 

These are just a taste of what we're already seeing in the Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals, which are now very much out in full force ahead of schedule. Continue reading to find some of the deepest deals that cut through the confusion below. 

Today's best Black Friday Nintendo Switch headset deals

PDP Gaming LVL40 Stereo Headset | was $25 now $9.99 at Amazon
Save $15 -

PDP Gaming LVL40 Stereo Headset | was $25 now $9.99 at Amazon
Save $15 - We don't see many gaming headsets from reputable brands coming under the $10 mark, but that's where we're at today with the PDP Gaming LVL40. While it's unlikely to set the world on fire, it's cheap and cheerful for any younger Nintendo fan. Keep in mind, it's a Prime Subscriber-only deal.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 | was $40 now $29.95 at Amazon
Save $10 -

Turtle Beach Recon 70 | was $40 now $29.95 at Amazon
Save $10 - It's one of the more perennially popular console-focused headsets, and now the Turtle Beach Recon 70 is selling at one of the lowest prices to date. An easy recommendation for anyone wanting a bit more from the Switch's audio performance that its handheld speakers can't accommodate.

KOFIRE UT-01 Wireless | was $70 now $47.99 at Amazon
Save $22 -

KOFIRE UT-01 Wireless | was $70 now $47.99 at Amazon
Save $22 - We rarely see wireless gaming headsets coming in well under $50, but here we are. Although the KOFIRE UT-01 may lack the name recognition of some other models, its Bluetooth-nature and striking color scheme make it an ideal fit for Ninty's handheld at the budget price.

As much as I love the best Nintendo Switch headsets, they can be a bit pricey. The good news with these Nintendo Switch headset deals is that they are all under $50, so you can use the extra cash on some of the best Nintendo Switch games or Nintendo Switch accessories instead.

More of today's best Nintendo Switch headset deals 

Interested in more Nintendo Switch headset deals regardless of price where you are? That's not a problem. Our price comparison tech pulls through all the latest and greatest rates on some of our favorite models. 

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