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The latest edition of popular speech-to-text app Nuance Dragon has launched - and it introduces even greater accuracy, accessibility, and better streamlining of workflows in a package fully optimized for Windows 11

Driving the software is an impressive speech engine, powered by Deep Learning AI technology. This allows the speech recognition software to constantly learn and adapt to how individual users speak and the words they use. It’s an especially useful feature when working with industry-specific vocabulary, like financial and legal services. Elsewhere, the app continues to improve accessibility, with the navigational Mouse Grid now working across multiple monitors.

Version 16 also adds support for Nuance’s PowerMic 4. Previously locked to Dragon Professional Anywhere and Dragon Medical One, the professional plug-and-play microphone comes tailored for dictating, navigating, reviewing and editing without disrupting workflows. 

To celebrate the release, Nuance is offering to its US, UK, and German customers a special Dragon Professional and PowerMic 4 discount bundle. When users buy a full price copy of the software, they can save over 40% on the ergonomic USB microphone.  

The company is also offering a similar deal on Dragon Legal for users in the US. For more details, click here.

Dragon Professional and PowerMic 4 deal


See the full Dragon Professional and PowerMic 4 bundle in your territory: 

US bundle was $424 now $150 

UK bundle was £222 now £130 

German bundle was €258 now  €149 

Get the PowerMic 4 for just $150 / £129.99 / €149 when you buy Dragon Professional v16. The mic is designed to work seamlessly with the software, letting you take notes and navigate the desktop through voice and button commands without constantly switching between mouse and microphone.

Why choose Dragon Professional and the PowerMic 4? 

Dragon Professional has long been an office essential for anyone converting spoken word to text or navigating desktops. When we last reviewed it, we found a highly capable speech recognition tool that impressed us with its high accuracy, deep vocabulary, and range of commands. 

Now, version 16 is promising even better results. Optimized for Windows 11, Nuance’s newest tool features faster processing and greater accuracy even in louder spaces. It’s a scalable productivity tool that works for individuals such as medical practitioners, small teams and large organizations. 

Boosting productivity further, the PowerMic 4 features a unidirectional, noise‑cancellation microphone and programmable buttons to speed up workflows. The plug-and-play dictation microphone also has “voice fill‑in” capabilities, which let you add recognized text into pre-built templates.

Don’t need a mic? Nuance’s speech-to-text software is available as a standalone product - and it’s subscription-free. Buy the software once and it’s yours to own forever. 

In the US? Click here| In the UK? Click here| In Germany? Click here

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