Microsoft's Nuance launches Dragon Legal update that'll get everyone talking

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Microsoft’s Nuance has launched the newest version of Dragon Legal - and version 16 of the professional speech-to-text software promises improved accessibility tools and even better accuracy for dictation, editing, recording, and navigation.  

Built for legal practices of all sizes, Dragon Legal features an exhaustive legal vocabulary designed to speed up workflows and increase billable hours. The voice recognition software’s impressive AI-powered speech engine is capable of continuously learning and improving to meet the needs of individual users, from the nuances of their speech and accents to industry-specific words and phrases - an essential requirement for anyone working in the field of law. 

Version 16 also re-affirms the company’s commitment to inclusion with the roll-out of the upgraded Mouse Grid, which now works across multiple monitors, making it easier to navigate bulk information through voice commands. 

The latest update brings support for Nuance’s PowerMic 4, an ergonomic plug-and-play microphone that helps prevent workflow disruptions. It lets users work with a single device without needing to endlessly switch between mouse and microphone. 

As part of the new release, Nuance are offering US customers a special deal - buy a copy of Dragon Legal and get the PowerMic 4 at a discount.

The company is also offering a similar deal on Dragon Professional for users in the UK, US, and Germany. For more details, click here.

Dragon Legal and PowerMic 4 deal


Nuance PowerMic 4 deal was $424 now $150 

Take hold of the PowerMic 4 for just $150 with every full price copy of Dragon Legal. The ergonomic  dictation microphone lets you record notes, and navigate your computer using voice and button commands, so you don’t have to switch between mouse and microphone while you work. 

Dragon Legal is the legal version of the hugely popular Dragon Professional. After testing the near-identical Professional edition, we were delighted to discover a powerful speech-to-text tool with an impressively high accuracy, deep vocabulary, and range of commands. 

Version 16, freshly optimized for Windows 11, has seen major improvements. It’s faster, the company said, and even more accurate even in noisy environments or when speaking with accents. 

The PowerMic 4 is designed for improved productivity, equipped with a unidirectional, noise‑cancellation microphone and programmable buttons that let you take greater control over voice captures, dictation, and navigation. Nuance’s dictation microphone even featured “voice fill‑in” capabilities, letting legal teams add recognized text into templates for faster workflows. 

Not looking for a microphone? Dragon Legal v16 is available as a subscription-free standalone download - buy the software once and it’s yours to own forever. 

See the full details by clicking here

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