CyberGhost VPN just expanded its server network

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One of the best VPN services around has just announced a considerable expansion to its server network.

Now, CyberGhost VPN users can connect to one of its 100 country locations across the world to enjoy boosted anonymity and bypass geo-restrictions with ease—and benefit from even better speed and performance, too. 

The new CyberGhost servers are strategically located across South America and Asia.

CyberGhost's network boost

"CyberGhost is dedicated to providing our users with the highest level of online privacy and security. Part of that commitment is making sure that we are continuing to fill gaps and meet the demand for an ever-increasing range of locations that our customers wish to connect to," said Alex Danaila, Product Manager at CyberGhost VPN.

Short for virtual private network, a VPN is security software that encrypts internet connections and spoofs your real IP address. In addition to security, people rely on streaming VPN services to keep up with their favorite TV content when traveling. More server locations mean more users from around the world have the opportunity to stream geo-restricted content, and the ability to browse the internet locally with peace of mind.

Danaila said the CyberGhost team saw an increasing number of users request more servers in regions across South America and Asia. So, the VPN decided to act, and boosted its network coverage from 91 to a total of 100 nations worldwide—"a significant milestone that allows us to serve our users better and meet their evolving needs," said Danaila.

CyberGhost has now added servers in the following countries: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.

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Guided by its commitment to improving its service for as many users as possible, CyberGhost has also expanded its Dedicated IP location list.

By paying an additional (but tiny) monthly fee, you can get a unique IP address that only you can use. A dedicated IP is a great idea, and much better for your anonymity than a shared IP that multiple users can connect to at once—and these shared IPs can even create problems when accessing certain sites.

A dedicated IP is a smart solution that'll spoof your real IP location while granting access to IP-restricted networks, and allow you to make secure online transactions without extra annoying verifications. CyberGhost already offered US, Germany, France, UK, and Canada-based IPs, and has now added other popular locations, like Brussels, Stockholm, and Madrid.

Besides the many server locations, CyberGhost's easy-to-use apps come packed with security features, awesome unblocking power, and decent speeds. Check out our CyberGhost in-depth review for the full picture.

Danaila stated that the team was glad to be able to meet users' demand and will keep working to improve the overall service. He said: "With this new expansion of our network, CyberGhost will be able to provide users with an even wider choice of connections, enabling them to enhance their online privacy and security while connecting to a region that best suits their needs."

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