Best pizza restaurant POS system of 2024

The best pizza restaurant POS systems make it make it quick and easy to manage your customer orders and payments in a pizza restaurant.

Best pizza restaurant POS system of 2024: quick menu

So, if you're in the business of selling pizza, it's vital to have the best POS system in place to maximize daily sales and boost staff productivity, as well as making the most of your inventory. When it comes to selling food, the marketplace is so large that there are pizza restaurant POS systems dedicated to this one hugely popular fast food business sector. 

Dedicated pizza restaurant POS systems are a neat variation on the usual point of sale theme, with the big difference being that both the hardware and software is tailored specifically to suit this continually evolving market. 

This guide will take you through the best pizza POS (point of sale) systems available today, including Speedline POS and Toast POS. You may also find Revel POS a suitable option, or any of the POS systems listed in our Best POS systems for restaurants buying guide

The best pizza restaurant POS system of 2024 in full:

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Best overall

Toast POS logo

(Image credit: Toast)
Best all-in-one package for your pizza restaurant business

Reasons to buy

Secure offline mode
24/7 support, 365 days a year
Powerful reporting tools

Reasons to avoid

Favours Android software over iOS
Separate online ordering subscription needed
Early contract termination fee

The great thing about Toast POS is that it is a system that has been designed specifically with the restaurant world in mind. What that means is you get features and functionality that have been tailored for the marketplace it services. Better still, Toast POS comes with the latest developments in technology and is updated regularly ensuring your pizza restaurant business will be best placed to stay abreast of latest trends.

Toast POS comes with a comprehensive interface and a learning curve that’s not too steep, especially if you need to train up employees in your pizza restaurant. It’s flexible too, so you can use it to operate your pizza restaurant, including sit down and eat in dining along with offering online ordering and takeout options. 

Why you need a POS system for your business

POS system (point of sale system) shown in retail supermarket environment in bright colours on LED screen

(Image credit: Future)

Not sure if upgrading to a POS system will make any difference to your business? We've outlined 5 reasons why your business needs a POS system. Hint: the first reason is about saving your business money!

The additional bonus is that it is fully scalable meaning that Toast POS will work for pizza restaurants that are classed as small businesses, but can also be developed as the outlet grows. Pricing is affordable too for those at the lower end of the pizza restaurant ladder with full suite pricing starting from just $75 a month.

The Toast POS package includes vital features such as 24/7 customer support, comprehensive reporting capabilities and integrated payment processing. This allows you to handle payments across the board, from customers situated in your pizza restaurant through to online ordering and pay-on-delivery arrangements. There’s even tableside ordering to consider, while the kitchen display systems offer a neat variation on POS hardware.

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Best affordable

square logo

(Image credit: Square)
Best affordable cloud-based pizza restaurant option


Price: $0 per month
Card rates: 2.6% + 10¢
Free trial: N/A
Support: Phone and chat

Reasons to buy

Wide range of hardware options
Can operate in offline mode
Ideal for food start-ups and multi-channel ecommerce businesses 
Easy to use staff POS interface 
No contract lock-in

Reasons to avoid

Reliable WiFi connection needed (doesn’t work with 3G)
Square for Restaurants subscription needed for larger businesses to benefit from full suite of useful POS features
No evening or weekend support without Square for Restaurants Plus subscription

Square for Restaurants is a neat extension of what the company already offers in that it’s quick, easy and cost-effective. This cloud-based setup features a flexible pricing structure that makes it useful for restaurant business that need to take baby steps without committing too much money to their point of sale system. Indeed, the bare bones of the arrangement is free but, of course, the fees start to add up for vitals such as payment processing.

Of course, the major benefit with this kind of setup is that Square for Restaurants can be boosted as your business grows. It’s therefore a solid bet if you’re starting up a pizza restaurant business and, thanks to its innate modularity, the POS system can be bolstered up as your venture expands. 

This can be done using add-on modules, which over time allow you to integrate more features and functions. Highlights include the online ordering aspect and simple integration with Apple iPads thanks to a no-nonsense app. It also works in tandem with Square Register, so all bases are covered from ordering through to payments.

Remember that the flexibility of Square for Restaurants is perhaps what makes it most appealing. Adding on extra modules such as marketing campaigns and loyalty programs add real value, while we’ve always been impressed with the sizeable reporting options on show here too. Considering the overall usability is pretty simplistic, Square for Restaurants is a serious contender worth considering as your next pizza restaurant POS.

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Best bespoke

lightspeed logo

Best bespoke solution for a custom pizza restaurant setup


Price: from £69 per month
Card rates: 2.6% + 10¢
Free trial: 14 days
Support type: 24-hr phone (excl. weekends)

Reasons to buy

Bespoke solution
Great reporting and analytics
Till software works well offline
No minimum contract commitment 

Reasons to avoid

No Windows or Android option
Till software only compatible with iPads
Customer loyalty programme needs external software

You’ll find Lightspeed Restaurant POS frequently praised by those in the know thanks to its practical feature set and modern take on ordering. Thanks to its cloud-based iPad setup the system is certainly bang-up-to-date, but it’s also powerful too. Business owners are often keen to praise its usability, with an interface that is potent but easy to master. Handy if you’ve got employees to think about.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS kicks off with an affordable system option, from $69 per month, but it's also possible to beef that up by enlisting the help of add-ons. These include the likes of additional registers and extra displays for both customer use and in the kitchen. There’s even the option for self-ordering in restaurants, which may make sense for some in the wake of Covid rules and regulations.

We’re also keen on the overall breadth of features and functions on offer from Lightspeed POS. You can easily set up your restaurant floorplans for example, manage reservations with straightforward simplicity and configure loyalty programs too. If you’re got a pizza delivery side to your business then the ability to integrate Lightspeed Restaurant POS with services such as UberEats and DoorDash make it additionally practical. 

While the displays, both front of house and kitchen-based are similarly impressive it’s the other vital nuts and bolts of restaurant POS systems on offer here that leave a lasting impression. You’ll love the powerful reporting capability, but there’s also contactless payment, provision for adding in tips and, on top of that, Lightspeed Restaurant POS works with popular accounting software such as Quickbooks, Sage and Zero to name but three.

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Best for delivery options

SpeedLine POS

(Image credit: SpeedLine)
A fantastic option for pizza restaurants that deliver too


Price: Call for details
Card rates: Variable
Free trial: N/A - demo sign-up available
Support type: Phone support and email, plus online resources

Reasons to buy

Great for managing inventory
Works in tandem with SpeedLine Pay
Dynamic live mapping
Tailor the look and feel to your business
Powerful reporting features
Extended support hours available

Reasons to avoid

Local rather than cloud-based
More features than some might need
Quite costly to implement
Tech team needs to install it

The SpeedLine POS route is one to consider if you’ve got a pizza restaurant that also offers a full array of delivery and takeout options to customers. This is well-suited to smaller independent businesses, and can also be configured to work will via multiple outlets. That said, it is still expandable and can be scaled up if your operation is growing with demand.

While SpeedLine POS doesn’t use a cloud-based system it is still hugely appealing due to its focused approach that has been developed with the pizza sector in mind. While there are some higher initial costs to factor in, with the SpeedLine POS sales team able to help on that front, the overall features and functions contained in this package will be more than welcome for users who want finite management of all those pizza orders.

As mentioned, the SpeedLine POS system comes bristling with many features designed to streamline pizza pickup and delivery with a slick online ordering interface. Business owners will also revel in the dynamic live mapping, which proves invaluable for managing both deliveries and drivers. Varied payment options for customers compliment this too, so SpeedLine Pay allows drivers to pick up payments at the door while in-house transactions are similarly seamless.

Pricing is less obvious if you’re keen on the look and feel of SpeedLine POS however, but that’s an area where their sales team can help with a demo. This also means you can have a package tailored more accurately towards the needs of your business. SpeedLine POS has been fine-tuned to meet the changing food landscape since the worldwide pandemic hit, which means that its in-house ordering menu systems are now better than ever.

Read our full SpeedLine POS review.

Best for multisite

TouchBistro logo

(Image credit: TouchBistro)

5. TouchBistro

Best for multisite pizza restaurants


Price: From $69 per month
Card rates: Varies
Free trial: N/A - demo sign-up available
Support: Email, telephone and live chat customer support 24/7

Reasons to buy

Email, telephone and live chat customer support 24/7
Intuitive software
Streamlined iPad POS software
Accept payments offline
Data backed up to cloud on daily basis

Reasons to avoid

EPOS app could be more responsive and user-friendly
Limited reporting features
Separate payment processing provider needed

The TouchBistro POS system is one that has garnered a lot of praise from business professionals and, having been around for many years, it’s easy to see why. This is a well-honed point of sale setup that benefits from cutting edge technology and its ability to embrace the Apple iPad for day-to-day use will appeal to many.

Thanks to that user-friendly hardware it's a straightforward system to set up and run, with employees often praising its menu simplicity and streamlined functionality as major positives. This looks and feels like it’s been put together by people who actually work in the restaurant sector, while the overall performance is hard to fault too.

TouchBistro Inc POS homepage

(Image credit: TouchBistro Inc)

With prices that start at less than $70 a month the TouchBistro POS system makes an ideal option for small to medium-sized business. However, there’s nothing to stop it being used to great effect if you’re running multiple outlets too. It’s got all of the tools you’ll need, including online ordering, delivery and in-house menu options. There’s a seamless way to make reservations and manage tables, while other bonus options include straightforward management of your inventory as well as features for handling staff requirements.

Add on a bulletproof reporting system, which is vital for any pizza restaurant business that wants to stay around and you’ve got a chunky POS setup that packs a premium feel. The top-notch pedigree of this POS system is easy to see.

Read our full TouchBistro POS review.

Revel iPad POS for pizzerias and pizza restaurants

(Image credit: Revel)

Best pizza restaurant POS system FAQs

How to choose the best pizza restaurant POS system for your business

It’s a big ask, but the options above should provide you with plenty of flexibility depending on the size of your business and the shape it’s in. 

Another pizza orientated POS system is Revel POS system, which we've reviewed: it's an iPad based POS system that has the benefit of cordless mobility, flexible payment features and the ability to integrate with your third party accounting software. If lightweight, mobile POS systems are what you're looking for, be sure to also checkout our Best POS Systems for Food Trucks buying guide

Deciding which pizza restaurant POS system is best for your needs can be a challenge. Every business is different, so if you’re the owner you’ll want to be mindful of a lot of factors depending on whether you're a full-service restaurant or a pizza takeout and delivery outlet or, indeed, a combination. 

If it's the latter, you’ll want a pizza delivery POS system that can handle online orders, deliveries, help manage drivers, keep tabs of inventory and also provide reports on all aspects of the business.

Lightspeed POS shown as flat lay with sushi

(Image credit: Lightspeed)

Equally, if you’re running a pizza restaurant, without the takeaway and delivery side of things, there’s still much to consider. You’ll probably want to ensure that your pizza restaurant POS will be able to handle multiple users, especially if you have staff to train up to use it.

There are other crucial considerations too, such as being able to implement loyalty schemes for customers or integrating offers and special deals easily. You'll also want to have a system that can deliver lots of reporting and management of inventory. 

You might need to invest heavily in a pizza restaurant POS system that is robust enough to do all of this without delivering any downtime, but it should offer a solid return on investment over time.


Discover more about the benefits of POS systems

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What are the best pizza restaurant POS systems?

Choosing a POS system for a pizza shop or restaurant might seem like a niche area but it’s one that’s served well thanks to some key point of sale providers. As you’d expect, the best POS system for pizza shop needs might be slightly different to your requirements for a dedicated pizza restaurant. The great thing about our collection is the option to pick a POS system for pizza delivery if you need it, such as Speedline.

However, while pizza delivery is a large part of the equation for many businesses, other options are more targeted at pizza restaurants. We’ve picked out Toast POS, Square for Restaurants POS, Lightspeed Restaurant POS, TouchBistro POS and Speedline POS as our main selection. 

All 5 can deliver the best POS system for pizza shop and restaurant needs in numerous different ways. That said, Clover POS and Revel POS are worthy of investigation too, even though they haven’t made our handpicked collection.

If you’re looking for a best overall pizza restaurant POS system then Toast makes a great bet. TouchBistro POS is also commendable for its versatility and ability to handle the needs of quick turnaround pizza take-outs, full-service pizza restaurants as well as food trucks and delivery-only outlets. For a full bells-and-whistles solution then Lightspeed is still one of the best pizza restaurant POS systems money can buy.

Square for Restaurants too is one POS option that’s a good choice for smaller outlets. Its affordable edge makes it a solid bet for those on a tight budget. Meanwhile, Speedline offers a potent variation on the theme for some business requirements especially if you're able to offer pizza delivery. It's a POS system designed for many needs.

The best pizza POS systems you can buy today

Old fashioned shop sign: the best Italian pizza

(Image credit: Getty Images)
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Our pick of the best pizza restaurant POS systems compared
POS systemLowest monthly feeInterchange + processing feeFree trialSupport
TouchBistro$69VariesN/A - demo sign-up availableGlobal phone support, online videos and live workshops with step-by-step instructions
Lightspeed$692.6% + 10¢14 days24-hr phone support (reduced weekend hours)
Toast$01.8% + $0.15¢ N/A - free 15 minute demo availablePhone support, free online training guides for staff, and expert live-training available
SpeedLineCall for pricingCall for pricingN/A - demo sign-up availablePhone support and email, plus online resources
Square$02.6% + 10¢N/APhone and chat support

How we tested the best pizza restaurant POS system

We reviewed many different POS systems before deciding on which to feature in this guide. Our review process involves evaluating key factors, including features, ease of use, set-up, support, and of course, pricing. 

All our reviews are based on hands-on experience: we trial software and materials to get a clear picture of what features are included, for example, and how easy or difficult it is to get started and use the software.

We anonymously contact user support so we can draw honest and informed conclusions about availability, knowledge, and friendliness. 

Finally, pricing is gleaned from websites, but we never hesitate to go in-depth with documentation and user support to provide the clearest possible picture.

Read how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar.

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