SpeedLine point of sale (POS) system review

Boost your seated dining or food delivery Pizzeria business with the power of SpeedLine POS.

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The SpeedLine POS system is aimed at pizza delivery businesses of all sizes, from smaller independent outlets through to larger franchise operations. It offers a simple to use experience that also comes with plenty of operational power. Deliveries can be setup, managed and monitored using a live mapping and visual dispatch system. Customers can be kept in the loop with dynamic messaging and the POS also integrates with SpeedLine Pay, allowing for fast and efficient payment processing.


  • +

    Live mapping

  • +

    Infinitely customizable

  • +

    Great visual experience

  • +

    Uses SpeedLine Pay


  • -

    Higher cost to implement

  • -

    A local rather than cloud install

  • -

    Might be too feature heavy for smaller outlets

  • -

    Requires hands-on installation

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The SpeedLine POS system has been created specifically to meet the needs of pizza delivery businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s a dedicated pizza POS system that can work for smaller independent outlets, but can be scaled up for use within larger franchise operations if needed. 

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Revel iPad POS on business desktop

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Investing in a dedicated POS system for pizza shop requirements is something of an essential requirement if you’re looking to boost your food retail business and also adapt to the changing needs of customers in the post COVID-19 environment.

Indeed, the best POS system for pizza shop needs has to be dynamic and able to adapt to both the ever-changing business landscape, as well as being able to meet the evolving eating habits of customers.

Both of these challenges mean you will want to be armed with a POS system for pizza restaurant needs that can adapt accordingly. SpeedLine POS system ticks all of the right boxes, especially if you’re looking for a universal point of sale solution that can be adapted as your business grows.

SpeedLine POS system

Pizza delivery outlets can tailor a SpeedLine POS system to suit their exact needs (Image Credit: SpeedLine) (Image credit: SpeedLine)

SpeedLine POS: Pricing

Despite the fact that the SpeedLine POS system is designed specifically with pizza outlets in mind, it doesn't have an off-the-shelf pricing system. Naturally this is largely down to the fact that businesses vary in size, have varying numbers of staff who will use the point of sale system and different customer needs to boot.

If you’re interested in exploring the capabilities of this pizza POS system then it’s a good idea to sign up for a demo in the first instance. This will let you see the SpeedLine POS software in action, how the SpeedLine POS hardware could work in your own business environment and also check that it will integrate with any other systems your outlet may be running.

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The major benefit of the SpeedLine POS system is that it’s an all-in-one solution, which means that you’ll be able to get software, hardware and the whole thing installed via one source. Of course, what you actually get depends on your business needs as well as the complexity of your menu and ordering options, along with how many terminals will be required.

You could therefore find that a custom quote from the SpeedLine POS sales team might seem higher than some other providers, but the initial cost is tempered by the fact that there are no on-going subscription fees. So, while there may be a seemingly sizeable outlay early on, there is the opportunity to claw back this value over a longer period of time.

SpeedLine POS: Perks

As part of your POS search, it's useful to keep in mind the perks you get from partnering with a pizza delivery-specific POS such as SpeedLine and its dedicated tools including: 

✔ SpeedLine LiveMaps visual dispatch

✔ SpeedDine online ordering

✔ SpeedLine Pay

✔ SpeedLine Inventory

✔ SpeedLine Menu Designer Topping Matrix

In addition SpeedLine POS empowers your team to easily keep on top of common pizza business tasks, such as the following:

  • Monitor delivery statistics all day
  • Cut costs with accurate forecasts and schedule planning
  • Ensure accurate street addresses
  • Flag side orders to avoid missed items on deliveries
  • Improve rate of on-time deliveries
  • Make more with consistent delivery zones and fees

SpeedLine POS: Features

SpeedLine POS system

The SpeedLine POS has a superb map tracking system in place (Image Credit: SpeedLine) (Image credit: SpeedLine)

The pizza delivery business, and indeed the whole food delivery landscape have changed dramatically since COVID-19 arrived. As a result, it's now more important than ever to ensure you have the right POS system for your pizza delivery requirements.

The SpeedLine POS system has therefore been carefully adapted to better handle pizza deliveries in the wake of the pandemic. SpeedLine has tweaked its POS system to meet customer requests for a wider range of alternative delivery and pick-up options. Much of this development work has resulted in the SpeedLine POS system requiring much less physical contact with the end customer.

At the same time, however, the system is now much more efficient. A combination of neat SpeedLine POS integrations, the beefed up SpeedLine POS hardware and software, plus a much-improved SpeedLine POS app, has produced a much more rounded end user-experience.

SpeedLine POS

SpeedLine packages offer the ability to get help with updating menus (Image Credit: SpeedLine) (Image credit: SpeedLine)

SpeedLine POS is now able to better support customer needs having also introduced SpeedLine Pay, which allows restaurants and takeout businesses to offer the ability to pay at the table, curbside and also on delivery. 

Crucially for pizza delivery businesses the new SpeedLine Pay system also tackles common security and payment issues, with the ability to handle fraudulent and card-not-present transactional issues more effectively.

SpeedLine Pay works by pairing with an EMV card reader using either a Windows-based tablet or an iOS device. This automatically offers more freedom for the customer, allowing them to pay at their table, in a vehicle or on pickup using tap to pay simplicity. As a result, SpeedLine POS offers more credit card security for both business and customer, while also reducing transaction fee overheads for the former.

SpeedLine POS: Interface and in use

SpeedLine POS monitor and display screen

The SpeedLine POS interface is user-friendly yet incredibly powerful (Image Credit: SpeedLine) (Image credit: SpeedLine)

The SpeedLine POS, including the SpeedLine POS software and SpeedLine POS hardware respectively, will be installed locally. While it’s not a cloud-based arrangement and interface is slightly dated in design, using it everyday is still very quick and easy. You get off to a head start because the SpeedLine staff can set up and implement the point of sale system for you. 

Once that’s in place the SpeedLine POS system enjoys much praise for its powerful but easy to use software design. Most obviously, the point of sale interface offers control over online ordering and menu management, but it’s also a great tool for managing inventory, allowing outlets to forecast demand, along with offering a huge array of customizable options.

For example, the online ordering and delivery journey includes everything needed for staff to process requests in a fast and efficient manner. There are detailed delivery reports, automated customer messaging about the status of orders, a practical visual dispatch feature that boosts delivery efficiency and, of course, simple everyday tools including the option that allows customers to pay at the door using their credit card.

Crucially, SpeedLine POS possesses a formidable suite of delivery dispatch and driver management tools. The great thing about using this map-based system is that it allows staff to coordinate deliveries and their respective drivers much more effectively using the simple but slick on-screen interface. 

This is complimented by the SpeedLine POS on-screen menu system, which whilst it is certainly busy, offers unrivalled management of pizza-making ingredients plus all of those ancillaries, such as soda, sides and so on.

SpeedLine POS: Support

A very big part of the appeal with the SpeedLine POS system is its beefy levels of support. Although this point of sale system might not be the cheapest to initially implement, SpeedLine POS enjoys frequent praise from its customers and a lot of that is based around the levels of support on offer.

The support journey starts early on, and after working with the sales team to ensure you’ve got the right package there follows a series of steps from support staff to get things up and running. SpeedLine POS integration will need the help of some experts, and this comes as part of the package.

For product support there’s the opportunity to speak to an in-house and fully qualified technician, toll-free and this is offered 365 days a year. The SpeedLine support options are flexible too, with a standard SpeedLine Support subscription offering unlimited support along with system upgrades, which is seen as a ‘best value’ option by many.

Meanwhile, if you have multiple stores, it may be advantageous to use your own IT staff to offer second level support after receiving full training from SpeedLine, which comes with certification too.

There’s SpeedLine Live Assist too, which can connect with your POS stations remotely to tackle any technical issues or help with staff training. Crucially, alongside using secure access for any technical hands-on help, all installation work and training is covered by specialists who are QIR certified. This means that they have been trained by the PCI Security Standards Council to meet its specific guidelines.

SpeedLine POS delivery map tracking software

The dynamic map system in SpeedLine POS allows tracking of both drivers and their deliveries (Image Credit: SpeedLine) (Image credit: SpeedLine)

Let’s also not forget the SpeedLine POS customer support website, which is an online hub that comes packed with greats resources. There are training tutorials and videos, documentation, critical update advisories, constantly updated guides showcasing new features and functions plus the option to order more hardware and software if your business is expanding.

Rounding things out is the Premiere Support Services option from SpeedLine POS. This can be really useful if you need to make frequent menu changes, or add upgrades to systems. The service offers one hour of menu changes per month, for each of your stores that are in operation. It’s a feature that’s worth thinking about if you’re looking for someone to help take the strain.

SpeedLine POS: Security

SpeedLine POS can be used to process payments via major payment gateways such as Worldpay and Monetra and that’s good news for security. Any transactions processed use end-to-end encryption, plus there’s the added benefit of flexibility. 

Speedline POS is a secure POS system that's EMV and PCI compliant

SpeedLine POS has the added advantage of great support, installation and training (Image Credit: SpeedLine) (Image credit: SpeedLine)

With customers wanting more ways to pay you can use secure processing no matter if they’re making an in-person payment, an online order, want to use a mobile wallet or prefer to pay by credit card when their food gets delivered.

With security being of such a concern for both businesses and customers alike it’s also reassuring to know that the SpeedLine POS system is fully PCI and EMV compliant. This provides additional reassurance to those ordering food through your outlet while your business gets the benefit of secure and fully-encrypted payment processing.

The competition

Aloha POS Systems: Aloha POS Essentials and Silver Hardware

(Image credit: Aloha POS Systems)

If you’re looking for the best POS system for pizza shop requirements, either to upgrade or for a new food delivery venture then SpeedLine POS is certainly one to consider. However, there are alternatives out there, alongside the best POS systems aimed at a wider market.

The main difference to consider about SpeedLine POS is that it’s not a cloud-based system. This might be perfect for some needs, but if you’re running a pizza delivery operation that requires a cloud POS it’s also worth considering the likes of Revel POS, NCR's Aloha POS, the Upserve POS and Toast's point of sale system.

Similarly, TouchBistro is worthy of a look too, although this is tailored more to restaurants rather than catering businesses dealing with customer deliveries in mind. 

Much the same can be said for Lightspeed POS, which has more of the same beefy features and functionality that makes it suitable for use in the catering industry and, in particular, the restaurant sector.

Final verdict: Is Speedline the right bite for your business?

Business team in suits eat pizza together

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SpeedLine POS is very clearly a niche point of sale product, but the seemingly small slice of the market it serves is huge. Pizza delivery has and continues to be a big business opportunity thanks to low cost fresh ingredients and high mark-up, so having the right point of sale system in place is crucial. We like the way that SpeedLine POS has a raft of features and functions that can boost efficiency and make the customer experience a better one.

We’ve been really impressed with the level of positivity shown towards SpeedLine POS support staff too. The help with integration and ongoing support once the SpeedLine POS is in place is hugely impressive. 

Day-to-day features such as being able to dynamically modify menus, often with SpeedLine POS support assistance and the ability to collate reams of customer data with ease, also makes it appealing.

While there is a reasonable cost involved with the implementation of a point of sale system like this one, any pizza delivery business looking for a non-cloud based setup that’s easy to use will doubtless warm to SpeedLine POS. It’s certainly got plenty going for it.

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