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If you want to get the ultimate  home entertainment, there are two technologies that you need to know about: Dolby Atmos, which delivers incredible sound that makes you feel you're in the middle of everything, and Dolby Vision, which brings you stunning visuals with ultra-vivid colours. Together they'll transform the way you experience music, movies and TV, podcasts and games – so how do you take your first steps into home entertainment heaven?

All you need to do is Bring Dolby Home. Bring Dolby Home is your digital destination for amazing audio and vivid video. 

It’s also the place to go for home entertainment advice. If you want to start from scratch or make your current setup sound even more amazing, Bring Dolby Home has everything you need. It'll help you choose the perfect TV or soundbar for your space and demystify all this jargon you find confusing like HDMI, e-ARC, OLED, Mini-LED, etc. It'll even help you set up your kit for the best possible sound and image in any space and keep you informed of new releases in Dolby for you to enjoy – whether that’s new movies, TV shows, games, music or podcasts. 

Bring Dolby Home is the perfect partner for all your home entertainment. It’s always there, and it’s always free.

Dolby Home lifestyle image

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Discover the Dolby difference

Dolby Atmos is magnificent in movies, with audio so realistic that you'll be hiding behind the sofa in horror movies and feeling the adrenaline pump in action films. Whether it's a single soundbar or a full room system, Dolby Atmos delivers the most realistic movie audio you've ever heard. It puts you in the middle of every scene like never before. 

It’s also incredible with gaming, making you feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action – and with music, it makes you feel like you’re right there with the artist in the studio or on stage. Dolby Atmos is an incredible way to experience your favourite music – music from award-winning superstars including Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat and many, many more. Whether it's a timeless classic or a brand new banger, Dolby Atmos makes it sound like you're right there. That's because it uses the same surround sound technology as the very best movie soundtracks to deliver multiple channels of incredible audio, so music isn't just coming from left and right. It's coming from everywhere. Your music has never sounded so good.

See what you've been missing

Dolby Vision does for your eyes what Dolby Atmos does for your ears. It's cutting-edge cinema tech that delivers ultra-vivid colours, incredible contrast and richer details for the most amazing and immersive experience imaginable in TV shows, movies and games.

Dolby Vision unlocks the full potential of HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology by optimising the image quality in real time to get the very best picture quality from your TV, from your streaming service and from your device every single time. It's like having the very best cinema right there in your home. The only thing it doesn't deliver is popcorn.

Win your own amazing Dolby experiences – including a huge TV!

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