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Future tech: Dimple MP3 player

The Dimple device operates by you sweeping your fingers across its touchscreen to navigate the controls.

Portable music players seem to be moving away from the traditional, box-like designs. First there was the tube-shaped Musipen , and now we lay our eyes on the Dimple digital music player.

The Dimple digital music player concept challenges the conventional 'human touch' technology by grafting subconscious instinctive human behaviour onto technology", according to its marketing blurb.

Navigating the 'sensual' Dimple player and controlling commands like skip and volume up/down is done by sweeping your finder across and up/down the device, touching its 'dimple' at the centre of the touch display. This means no fiddly buttons to press, or knobs to turn.

"It seems almost we can touch our music, creating a personal touch to mobile music technology," Dimple's creator, designer Priscilla Lui, said.

There's no word when and if this concept device will go into mass production.