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Robot keeps an eye on B&O TV

High-end tech maker Bang & Olufsen has added a rather unusual feature to its new BeoVision 4 plasma TV - an eye mounted on a robot arm that glides out the front of the set to optimise its picture quality.

Bang & Olufsen says the arm appears after 100 hours of viewing or can be conjured manually - a great way to impress your geek chic friends. Its real purpose is to measure the colour temperature of the set and adjust the display's settings accordingly.

It has been teamed with Automatic Picture Control (APC) sensors that also measure the contrast and brightness to give you the best possible picture quality over thousands of hours of use. The BeoLab 4 naturally offers 1080p Full HD pictures - so it's great with a Blu-ray or HD DVD player - and is available in 50-inch or 65-inch guises.

It's available to buy now with optional BeoLab 10 centre channel speaker for £12,861.