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Force is strong in Korean wonder PMP

Kaon's UPOP looks like a PC that never grew up

It might only ever be available in South Korea, but that won't stop us drooling over the latest high-end PMP from Kaon Media, even if it does run Windows CE 5.0.

The 370g UPOP U48S, which went on sale in Korea today for around £300, appears closer to an ultra-light PC than to a media player. It has a 4.8-inch, 800 x 480 touchscreen and a full Qwerty keyboard hidden on a slider underneath.

Hard drive too

As well as playing back pretty much any media under the sun, it has a T-DMB digital terrestrial TV tuner (similar to the Japanese 1-seg) and can record broadcasts to an SD card or a choice of 30GB or 60GB hard drives. Wireless connectivity is about all that's missing, but it can be added via the SD slot.

The meaty package is topped off with 46 different dictionaries and a text-to-speech application for when you can't be bothered reading your ebooks. We won't even bother outlining the smorgasbord of I/O ports lest you get jealous of those lucky Koreans.