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Moto 360 battery lasts two and a half days, says early review

Moto 360
The best Android Wear smartwatch battery so far, at least

Last week we reported on some new pictures of the Moto 360 in its charging cradle, along with evidence that the smartwatch will include an optical heart rate sensor.

Italian blogger Luca Viscardi, who obtained the early sample of the watch, has also penned a review with some initial thoughts on the device, in which he says the battery life of the Moto 360 lasts around two and a half days.

That means it fares better than the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, both of which only run for about a day, but obviously won't stand up to other rivals such as the Pebble. Still, not terrible.

But there's always a chance that the final production models could be slightly different, so we'll have to wait until our review before we can truly put the 360's battery to the test.

Via Forbes