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Disappointingly, the Moto 360 might be made of plastic

Moto 360
Does this mean no stainless steel version at all?

The Moto 360 has us excited for a number of reasons: the round face, the wireless charging, the use of Android Wear, the premium metal design.

But hold the phone on that last one - one source now says the Moto 360 will actually drop the metal and opt for plastic come launch.

Chinese site techweb claims that the watch will now come in a plastic housing, and will push the thickness up to 13.5mm, despite the fact that early demo units have had the metallic design.

That makes it a fair bit chunkier than the LG G Watch (9.9mm) and the Samsung Gear Live (8.9 mm).

Heavy metal (plastic)

If true, this would be a blow to Motorola's smarwatch, which many people (some of us at TechRadar included) believe could be the saviour of the smartwatch.

But it could also be a load of tosh, so we've approached Motorola for comment and we'll update when we hear more.

In the same report, it's also reiterated that the Moto 360 will come with wireless charging, which is the cause for the extra bulk. But given the abysmal life of most smartwatches right now, we'll take it.

Via G for Games