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Twitter to educate about power of 140 characters

Did you know you can use it to make money? Biz Stone just realised it too

Speaking at a technology conference this week, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone put the company's recent document leak behind him to discuss plans for the future of the microblogging phenom.

Attendees at the Fortune Brainstorm: TECH conference heard Stone reveal that he has concrete plans to monetise Twitter and that he won't be selling out to Google.

Long haul

Stone described how the coming week will see Twitter begin a marketing drive to educate companies about the possibility of using it to make money through better serving existing customers and attracting new ones.

"The key takeaway there is that we're thinking big and we're in it for the long haul," he said.

After the education phase, he plans to move on to add new services to Twitter, including account authentication to avoid identity theft and a possible use for data mined from the user records.

Not Facebook

As for distinguishing the company from the multitude of social networks, Stone said he wanted to emphasise that it is a communication tool and not an SNS.

"We started out by creating this very simple status updating system. And that's not what Twitter is. It evolved into something else," he said.

Via Reuters