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Someone remade The Martian's Hab base in Fallout 4, complete with potatoes

Fallout 4

Some of you folks are having a lot of fun crafting and modding the hell out of Fallout 4. Today we bring you the latest of many customisations to impress us, a tribute to Andy Weir's novel (and later Ridley Scott's movie) The Martian.

Reddit user PeculiarThomas has built a replica of the 'Hab' base on Mars which Mark Watney inhabits when abandoned on the red planet, complete with airlock and even a potato farm (although it actually looks like carrots to us).

There's a hole in the airlock, but we're going to give PeculiarThomas the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a nod to the moment in the story where it explodes. How authentic.

Extra effort points for the hazmat suit. All we need now is a bit of Abba playing in the background.