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PSP camera could be fire hazard

PSP camera
The Japanese Chotto Shotto could be the latest fire hazard in your pocket

We've had hot laptops and exploding batteries aplenty over the last couple of years, but never a digital camera that threatens the safety of its users.

Apparently, gamers interested in securing the Japanese Chotto Shotto digicam add-on for Sony's PSP are being told that the peripheral has been recalled over fears it could spark a fire.

Import only

As the device is available outside Japan only via greymarket importers, Sony has yet to make any official comment on its safety or otherwise, but it is currently unavailable to buy online.

Games website PSP Fanboy quotes an unnamed importer as telling would-be customers: "Due to a safety issue and high defect rate, we are issuing a product recall ... we have been getting reports that some of these units have been running extremely hot, and have emitted a burning smell."

As usual, we'll keep an eye on the situation and let you know as soon as we get the official word on the fate of the PSP camera.