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Microsoft claims ownership of leaked Xbox 720 presentation

Microsoft claims ownership of leaked Xbox 720 presentation
Red ring of death to doubt about legitimacy

In an incredibly unsubtle move, Microsoft has lent credence to a leaked presentation relating to the next Xbox by requesting that the original publisher take it down.

The newly-leaked but two-year-old document refers to the 'Xbox 720', some tech specs and a release date of 2013.

Czech site published the presentation and has now been told by Microsoft's legal team to remove the presentations because it had "violated its copyright by publishing companies" and "the presentation did not include identifying authors or reservation of rights" (translation).

Take a breakdown

Law firm Covington and Birling LLP, which lists Microsoft as one of its clients, had previously asked the site hosting the leaked documents (Scribd), to remove them from its servers.

So instead of leaving up a bunch of documents that everyone who's interested has already seen but could feasibly have dismissed as fake, Microsoft and its lawyers have ensured that we all now think the presentations are legit and that we'll see a 1080p 3D supporting Kinect-Glasses-toting Xbox 720 with Blu-ray drive hit the shop shelves in 2013.

Tech ja vu. It's like Apple, Gizmodo and the iPhone 4 all over again.

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