Microsoft launches own clothing line

'Bill's gone! Finally, we can expand into softwear'

Sometimes the good ideas are right in front of you, aren't they? Microsoft, faced with the economic crisis and poor Windows Vista perception, has decided the best way round the problem is to bring out a clothing line.

Dubbed 'Softwear by Microsoft', the t-shirts are a collection of geek-wear that every post-ironical-C++-denier will be sporting at CES this year, although we have also decided that we want one too (in an ironic way, of course).


Designed by artist/rapper Common, these designs are said to be 'reminiscent of the 80s', although we see no Monster Munch crumbs stuck to the front.

The shirts are meant to be another shot at the Mac/PC adverts, designed to be an extension of the 'I'm a PC' ads Microsoft is hoping will change the public's opinion of the company.

Microsoft calls the new range a "clothing line that taps the nostalgia of when PCs were just starting to change our lives," and will also "showcase the DOS days of the software company that now connects over a billion people."


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