Everything you need to know about Sony PlayStation VR

Is this the real future of VR?

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR is a virtual reality (VR) headset, made by Sony, for its PlayStation 4 console. In case you were wondering.

Until September 15 2015, PlayStation VR was called Project Morpheus, which sounds more mysterious and fun, but is less descriptive and a bit harder to spell. The change of name did not bring with it any material change to the device, however.

Sony PlayStation VR: price, release date and key facts

• It's a virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4. You can't use it without a PS4 and chances of backwards compatibility with PS3 are zero.

• Release date: this should be 2016 and hopefully early 2016. However, no official date has been announced yet.

• Price: TBC. If Sony expects to sell a lot of PlayStation VR units we'd hope to see it at about £300/$400 or perhaps bundled with PS4 for about £550/$750.

Its main rivals are Oculus Rift and HTC's Vive made in association with Valve.

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PlayStation VR screen

The PlayStation VR uses a 1920x1080 pixel, 5.7-inch OLED display, giving the equivalent of 960x1080 pixels per eye and a quoted 100 degree field of vision. The maximum refresh rate supported is 120fps.

As well as the VR screen, PlayStation VR can output to a television via what Sony is currently calling Social Screen. This allows other gamers, not wearing headsets, to view gameplay and even join in, with compatible titles.

PlayStation VR controller

PlayStation VR with Move controller

The PS VR games demoed so far use the Sony Move controllers, as shown here, or the standard PlayStation DualShock 4 controller. Your head movements and orientation are tracked via the PlayStation Camera, which tracks the nine LEDs placed strategically on the headset.

Sony's acquisition of 3D gesture recognition expert SoftKinetic suggests that further input methods may be developed for PlayStation VR, although we doubt they'll arrive in time for version 1.