New BBC director general urges staff to seek next trends in technology

The BBC's new Director General has started his tenure by urging his new staff to keep looking to the future, with his opening email asking what big technology will come next.

The BBC has functioned as a trailblazer for UK broadcast technology since the corporation opened its doors and new DG Tony Hall is keen to continue that trend.

"In the coming weeks, I will set out how we can all shape the next chapter for the BBC as we move towards our centenary in 2022," he wrote in his first company-wide email.

"We have a unique opportunity to work together to shape the future of public service broadcasting.


"The kind of questions we need to ask ourselves include: what are the next big trends in technology and consumption that we need to grasp as we did with BBC Online and iPlayer?"

A hit of the magnitude of the iPlayer would certainly be a feather in the cap for any director general - the video on demand service has been a huge hit in the UK and has been used as a showcase globally.

As for the next generation, it will be intriguing to see if the BBC continues its work on Ultra HD (UHD) and beyond, as well as taking the iPlayer to the next level - whatever that may be.