Skype offers up fix after outage

Everyone rushes to blame Microsoft

Skype users around the world seem to be having problems with the VoIP service at present, with many reporting problems with the desktop application.

It looks as though some users are having difficulty signing in to Skype, and some who have signed in can't make calls; crucially, not all users are affected.

Skype is aware of the issues and has posted a temporary fix on its blog for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP and Mac desktops.


It's not clear what caused the problems, but some have suggested it's down to the migration of some Skype services to Microsoft's platform after the computing behemoth arranged to buy Skype on 10 May.

We're not saying it's definitely Microsoft's fault, but after spending $8.5 billion on Skype, you'd think Microsoft would be aiming to improve the service, not run it into the ground - but then again, this is the company that brought us the paperclip…

It's a cheap shot but we know you love it.

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