Microsoft's 120GB Zune busts out of FCC

Still no word on UK release

The FCC in the US has passed the latest version of Microsoft's Zune through its radiation testing, and it's packing 120GB!

Having seen the success of the Zune fail to gain traction over rival Apple's iPod (and likely the iPhone in the future), Microsoft has decided to up the capacity of its portable media player.


With the recent announcement of link-ups with Hollywood to provide top-notch movie content, it's clear the Redmond chaps want you to fill your Zune with loads of hi-def bits and pieces.

Will we be seeing a slew of new releases only for the Zune soon? Will it ever come to the UK and other markets?

Rumoured to be landing for £150, the 120GB Zune should be available in the US later this year.


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