Windows Phone 7 Mango release date 1 September?

With new phones to launch at IFA

The Windows Phone 7 Mango update could land on handsets as soon as 1 September, if the latest rumours prove to be true.

Tech site Pocket-Lint has had a chat with 'multiple trusted sources' which all apparently confirmed the launch date.

It does make a certain amount of sense; Microsoft has always claimed the software will be available to consumers in autumn, and no doubt wants to launch a host of handsets at the IFA 2011 trade show in Berlin.

New phones ahoy

With HTC, Samsung and LG all expected to release new Windows Phone phones before the year is out, it could make IFA one to watch for phone lovers.

Plus, Microsoft released the software to manufacturers in late July so it's entirely possible that the company is gearing up to a September launch.

TechRadar nabbed some hands on time with an early build of Mango and deemed it to have "an extremely promising future".

Will that future begin on 1 September? We'd say it's quite likely.

Quite likely


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