Nintendo Switch price: how much will it cost?

Will it be another budget box from Nintendo?

Update: Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch have begun in the UK and US, and they're set to start in Japan January 21. 

We finally know Nintendo Switch's price, and we know when we're going to get it, too. 

The Nintendo Switch is coming March 3 and it's going to retail for $299.99/ £279.99/ AU$ 469.95

If you live elsewhere in Europe, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima says you'll need to ask your specific retailer about the cost.

Nintendo Switch price in the UK?

The UK price for the Nintendo Switch has been confirmed as £279.99. That's a bit higher than it costs in the US, but it's not absolutely unreasonable for a console.

UK retailer Game has also listed sold-separately accessories with prices. Individual Joy-Con controllers will cost £42.99 whilst the set is £74.99. Straps for extra security are retailing for £4.99.

For the Pro controller, which has to be purchased separately as it won't come included with the console, the price has been set as £64.99.

Nintendo Switch price in the US?

The US price for the console has been confirmed as $299.99 which is on par with the Wii U's launch price.

Nintendo have also revealed the pricing for sold-separately accessories in the US. The ones we know so far are pictured below. 

Nintendo Switch price in Australia?

Pricing in Australia was confirmed in a tweet by Nintendo Australia as $469.95.


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