Twitter gets chatty with conversation view, tweaks photo tweets

And adds video to your library

A couple of updates have hit Twitter today, making your photos and videos a more integral part of your 140-character masterpieces.

You'll now be able to see larger images floating above Twitter without having to waste valuable seconds clicking through to a second page on the site.

Videos from Vine, YouTube and Vimeo, which already play in expanded tweets, will now be stored in your media gallery so you can revisit them from your profile page with ease.


Conversation stations

Finally, chatterboxes and stalkers will be able to keep track of conversations emanating from a tweet with a beefed-up conversation view.

Now when you click any tweet, you'll see all the replies as well as replies to those replies and replies to those replies and so on.

Anyone who uses Twitter's web platform to earwig on others will find this a most welcome update. Not that we know anyone who does that…

Anyway, we're on Twitter so join us why don't you? We promise not to spy on you. Much.


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