World of Warcraft magazine free preview hits the web

40 pages of official WoW mag

Warcraft fans can now view 40 pages of the upcoming official WoW magazine free online.

Launching simultaneously in English, French, German, and Spanish editions, World of Warcraft magazine is a quarterly title running to 148 pages per issue, and no ads.

The mag is published by Future Publishing which also publishes TechRadar.

Editorial Director Julian Rignall explains the mission of the magazine in his opening letter, saying that the mag's main goal is "to show you Azeroth from a different perspective… Rather than simply tell you how to play, we're going to show you a wide variety of opinions on enjoying, exploring and extending the game's fun beyond the borders of the screen."

World of warcraft magazine

The free preview issue features strategies and advice from expert players, profiles of other players, and insight from WoW's development team. Every cover features specially commissioned artwork created by a Blizzard approved artist.

World of Warcraft magazine is available on subscription at £29.95 for one year and £52.50 for two years. US subscriptions are $39.95 for one year, and $69.95 for two years.

World of warcraft magazine


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