Wacom launches multi touch Bamboo tablets

Is the pen no longer mightier than the finger?

Wacom Bamboo you can look AND touch

Wacom has announced its first ever foray into the world of multi-touch, with the launch of four new products: the Bamboo, Bamboo Fun, Bamboo Pen and Bamboo Touch.

Wacom tablets are usually circumnavigated with a pen, but the latest batch can also be controlled with your fingers.

Not that Wacom is banishing the trusted stylus – far from it, as the company states: "Merging pen and touch technology into one device brings the best of both worlds, making it even easier, quicker and more fun to use a computer.

"A gesture using two fingers enables users to simply rotate an image or document, flip through a digital photo album or presentation, scroll through a blog or an excel sheet and zoom in and out of a photo or map."

You've got the touch

While TechRadar is used to giving two-fingered gestures of a different kind, it's definitely a good move on Wacom's part to bring its Tablet range into line with the numerous multi-touch devices available in the tech market at the moment.

The second-gen Bamboo range is available now and will cost you £74.99 for the Bamboo, £89.99 for the Bamboo Fun (small) and £169.99 Bamboo Fun (Medium).

If you don't fancy using multi-touch, then the Bamboo Pen (pen input only) will set you back £49.99. And if you want to completely embrace multi-touch, then the Bamboo Touch (touch input only) will cost £59.99.

Go to www.wacom.com/bamboo for more information.

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