Elon Musk may give away Tesla secrets to boost electric car industry

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had hinted he may be willing to free up the firm's patents to other manufacturers in order to boost the electric car industry.

Must, whose Tesla Model S electric cars arrived in the UK for the first time on Saturday, told a BBC reporter they were "on the right track" when asked whether plans were afoot to open the treasure chest.

"We don't want to cut a path through the jungle and then lay a bunch of landmines behind us," he said.

Musk had previously said the success of other electric car manufacturers would be to the benefit rather than the detriment of Tesla.


The comments come days after Tesla told shareholders he had something controversial in mind for the firm's intellectual property, which he planned to articulate in writing.

He said: "I'm contemplating doing something fairly significant on that front which should be kind of controversial with respect to Tesla's patents.

"But I probably want to write something so that I can articulate it properly and explain the reasoning for the decision."

Tesla sold 22,500 cars last year and is on track to sell 35,000 in 2014. The Model S costs £70,000 ($90,000) and can travel 300 miles on a single charge.