Warner to embrace BD-Live this winter

Get ready for a whole host of web-based features from the company

In an announcement at the Entertainment Supply Chain Academy conference, Warner Home Video revealed that it is ready to add BD-Live content to its Blu-ray discs, according to Blu-ray.com.

Although no actual official word on what we can expect was made, Darcy Antonellis, President of Warner Technical Operations, did say that the upcoming BD-Live title will have: real-time viewing, library tools, a search engine, a recommendation tool with e-mail reminders, ringtones and wallpapers.

Profile 2.0

BD-Live is another name for Profile 2.0. Currently, there's only a handful of Profile 2.0 players in the UK, but as the amount of BD-Live discs goes up, we will see more players equipped with the technology.

Speaking about the interactivity BD-Live offers users, Antonellis commented: "You are taking [consumers] online and you're able to create a community that we have never been able to do before. That's huge for us."

She also added Warner is "no longer limited by finite capacity on the disc."

The company is home to films such as Speed Racer, 10,000 BC and the upcoming Batman film Dark Knight.


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