Download LastPass Password Manager for Firefox

LastPass Password Manager for Firefox

Lock all your passwords away from prying eyes.

Your sensitive data is encrypted locally before upload so even LastPass cannot get access to it.

Keeping your passwords secure is the most important way to make sure that no one steals your online identity and commits identity fraud. Saving them to your web browser is not a secure enough way to do this, and LastPass Password Manager steps in to provide a solution that is foolproof.

LastPass runs as a browser plugin and grabs all the user accounts plus passwords from any browser running on your PC and saves them in a vault that can only be accessed by the holder of the master password.

During the installation you will be prompted to either create an account or enter your existing details. It will then install the plugin on the browsers running on your system, grab the user accounts and then automatically get rid of them from your browser’s password saving feature.

You can access the LastPass plugin at any time by clicking the star icon that has a red surround when the service is signed in. From here you can access your LastPass vault that contains all saved accounts, search for sites to access them quickly, and automatically create a secure password that can be used on any site.

When you visit a site the star symbol will show up in the username and password fields, and you click on this to bring up a list of options. Here you will see if there are any accounts saved for the website in question, and if there is no account attached it will invite you to set one up, something you can also do by clicking the plus sign in the top left of the site list. Now every time you return to this site you can click the star and use LastPass to sign in securely.

Inside the LastPass vault you can share the details of any of your online accounts with another person without giving them the password. Do this by clicking the two person icon and then picking either to invite them as a guest that cannot see the password or grant them full access.

Online shopping addicts can get a more secure experience by creating a profile that can be used on any site to easily input address and payment details, safe in the knowledge they are safe until the next use.

It also allows you to create different online identities for work, school or personal, as well as any other profiles you need.

LastPass Password Manager is free for Windows, supports Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 2.0+, Chrome 18+, Safari 5+ and Opera 11+, and a paid upgrade offers a greater range of features.

Verdict: Get easy access to all your online accounts, safe in the knowledge that your passwords will never be stolen again.

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