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Edge-Core Skype WM4201 review

Another Skype phone that needs to be plugged into your PC

It craftily disguises itself as a standard mobile phone.

Our Verdict

Could easily replace your landline via SIP, but misses the point of a true WiFi handset


  • Prevents dropped calls

    Not a true Wi-Fi phone


  • Too PC dependent

As a Skype-branded WiFi phone, the Edge-core certainly looks like another PC-tethered offering. The base unit cradles the phone nicely, which connects via a wireless dongle to your PC, and the design is clean if a little uncomfortable on the ear.

Although it ships with WMM (Wireless Multi Media), the phone's network settings are only reachable through its PC-enabled interface. So while SkypeOut and SkypeIn are each supported without the aid of a PC to dial into your account, it's redundant.

Network scanning actions constantly update your connection preventing dropped calls mid-conversation. And although it can pick out hotspots relatively effectively, it remains a house-or-office-bound wireless Skype option rather than a true WiFi phone. Tom Dennis