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Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset review

Call on your mobile, use Skype on your Mac

Plantronics is a company famed for its quality headgear

Our Verdict

Coming in at just £36, the Voyager 510 is an absolute bargain


  • Cheap price

    Can be used with Mac and mobile

    Wind-resistance a handy feature

    Easily switch between multiple devices


  • PC-only software

    Buttons can be pressed a little too easily

Plantronics is a company famed for its quality headgear. And, yes, we think you still look like a village idiot if you wander around with a Bluetooth headset on. But who are we to argue with thousands of taxi and lorry drivers?

The Voyager 510 is one of a new generation of Bluetooth headsets. More fully featured than ever, it's clear that you can now acquire a cracking headpiece for little outlay.

The Voyager 510 boasts up to six hours talk time and 100 hours standby time. It enables you to switch between Bluetooth devices at will, whenever you want. There's one-touch call answer and end. You can easily redial the last called number.

You can even voice-dial, too. Like all Bluetooth headsets, though, the controls take a little getting used to. The temptation is to press the buttons too hard - a gentle approach is far more effective.

And then there's the rather funky sounding WindSmart technology. In the sensible world, this feature minimises the irritation of wind in the ear and mouthpiece, so your caller will actually be able to hear you. Handy, huh? The boom also works for both left and right-handers, so you can adjust it any way you wish.

Of course, Bluetooth isn't just the preserve of the mobile phone. The pack also includes a U SB Bluetooth adapter should you need to use it. However, it's likely you'll just want to use the built-in Bluetooth in your PowerBook, iBook or MacBook - simply pair the headset with your Mac and off you go.

The software supplied with the headset is PC-only, though you'll get round this - it's particularly effective with Skype. The headset can also switch between multiple devices using Plantronics' excellent multipoint technology.

But the most crucial statistic is the price. Coming in at just £36, the Voyager 510 is an absolute bargain. For such a meagre sum, there's no other way to look at it. Dan Grabham