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CMStorm Sirus Gaming Headset review

This is one Sirusly sturdy headset...sorry...


  • Everything-proof build quality
  • 5.1 surround with adjustable channel volume
  • Somehow, really comfy


  • As ever, the price

It's a pricey gaming headset, but with 'true' 5.1 surround the CMStorm Sirus Gaming Headset is a serious set of cans.

Gaming headsets are a burgeoning market at the moment, it seems. Ask for one in a shop a few years ago, and the assistant might have two or three.

Today, Google spits hundreds of the bloody things back at you. Let's ignore the long tail theory and shop stock practicality for the sake of our point here.

For you, the discerning, bare-eared punter, the choice is pretty wide. Why opt for this CMStorm Sirus, faced with so much choice?

After all it's £110 - a big ask.

We still think the difference between the cheapest and most expensive headsets is too slim to justify paying more than £100, but as Creative's popular WoW Headset proved, most people don't seem to have the same fiscal hang-ups.

Designed for 'gamers and audiophiles' according to CMStorm's site (which is an extremely bold claim) the Sirus pack true 5.1 sound into its cans.

The 'true' bit of that statement means there are four drivers producing sound at different positions around your ears.

Other manufacturers take a different route: the Creative Soundblaster Omega cans achieve surround sound digitally rather than using multiple drivers, by interpolating the distance between two theoretical sound points.

So which is better, true 5.1 or the digital cheat?