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Zalman 460W Noiseless PSU review

Is being quiet enough?

Our Verdict

The ZM460B isn't up to the grade we usually expect from Zalman


  • Very quiet


  • Expensive

Zalman and quiet computing go together hand in hand, and once this unit with its 120mm fan was installed in our test PC, the noise from the CPU cooler became more pronounced than ever. But apart from the lack of noise, there's nothing unique about this PSU from Zalman.

You'll get all the connectors that you could need, such as SATA adaptors, 20/24-pin ATX, and plenty of Molex cables. However all ATX v2.2 PSUs available today offers all of these. Unless you wish to run a hefty dual GPU configuration, 460W will satisfy your requirements.

However, there are many other branded PSUs out there offering more than 460W with added features such as modular cabling, costing less than this PSU. You may not get the ultra quietness of this product but there are many new units that are close to silent anyway.

With the hefty price tag and the reduced number of features, the ZM460B isn't up to the grade we usually expect from Zalman.