You can finally catch one of Pokemon’s most elusive creatures in Pokemon Go


Months after launch Niantic continues to be hard at work adding new features to Pokémon Go. 

Recently this has involved the news that the game’s second generation of Pokémon are on their way. Puzzlingly there are still a number of first generation Pokemon that have been included in the game’s Pokédex from day one that players have been unable to catch. 

Until now. 

While the game’s legendary Pokémon continue to be absent, Ditto has finally made its way into the game. 

Getting down with Ditto

The process for actually catching Ditto is a little different from other Pokémon. 

Rather than simply catching the Pokémon directly, the Pokémon is instead disguised as another Pokémon.

What players are now finding is that they’re coming across a low-level creature such as a Magikarp, only to have it transform into a Ditto after being caught. 

We’re still waiting for a number of other high-profile features such as the nearby tracker to make an appearance, but until then we’ll have our work cut out for ourselves trying to get our hands on a Ditto.