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Pioneer Kuro scoops plasma prize

Pioneer PDP-LX6090
The PDP-LX6090 is currently king of the plasmas

Pioneer's much fancied KURO range of plasma TVs provided the winner of the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) award European plasma TV for 2008-2009.

The PDP-LX6090 was praised for black levels that resulted in finer details and greater contrast. The effusive judges said: "Thanks to an amazingly low black level – Pioneer calls it KURO – this set's contrast ratio is sky-high. The result is an impression of immense depth and crisp detailing, to a level and quality not seen before on a plasma TV."

And as if that wasn't enough the panel added: "Professional users can tune to ISF standards, to view films exactly as their directors intended: 1080p/24 with correct colours and cinema-like movements at 72 frames per second. However, myriad other settings are equally accessible through a lavishly specified menu system. The final layer of optimisation is a light sensor that automatically enhances the picture in response to individual room lighting conditions."

We think they liked it. Take a look at the full review if you want to find out more.