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Sharp to manufacture 90-inch Aquos LCD screens for digital advertising

Sharp 90-inch Aquos
Sharp is hoping its 90-inch Aquos makes a great billboard

Sharp introduced its new 90-inch Aquos LCD HDTV earlier this year, and though initially created for home use, the manufacturer has already found new applications for the forthcoming display.

On Jan. 28, Sharp will release an industrial version of the 90-inch screen (PN-R903) to be used in commercial spaces as a digital display.

Coming in at 6-feet, 8-inches, the display is being billed as an industry first for providing lifesize images when arranged in portrait view.

The advantages of providing 1:1 scale views of items could prove to be very advantageous to retailers and consumers alike.

Size matters

While the 90-inch PN-R903 is the flagship of the line-up, Sharp is also planning to release two slightly smaller displays for digital advertising.

A 60-inch model (PN-R603) will also be made available on Jan. 28, while a 70-inch version (PN-R703) is planned for release on Feb. 25.

All three displays will feature full 1080p HD, and will be available with open pricing rather than suggested retail prices from Sharp.

High-definition displays this large aren't quite that common yet, and it will be interesting to see how the retail sector adopts and uses these new Sharp displays to attract consumers.

Via Engadget, Impress Watch