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Skype unleashes full-blown video messaging feature

Skype Video Messaging now available to everyone
"I don't care if we've done it fifty times, I'm not sending this until you get it right"

Skype has finally made its video messaging service available to all users, putting an end to the need for any of that real-time conversation nonsense.

The service had previously been in its beta form and only available for Skype for Mac, Android and iOS. However, Microsoft has now rolled the service out to (just about) everyone else.

For those who don't know, this means you'll be able to send a recorded video message to contacts even when they're not online. It's like leaving a voicemail but… like… video. You get it?

The recipient will then be able to pick up their message when they next sign into Skype. What's more, it's completely free of charge.

Skype ya later

All you have to do to use the new feature is hit the "Video Message" button and start recording your message, which can be up to three minutes long.

Skype has listed the devices which will be offering the new service, which includes Windows 8, Windows desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.

Oddly, there's no mention of Windows Phone, but we've contacted Skype to find out what the deal is and will update as soon as we know more.