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Skype for Business begins full roll out

Skype for Business

Microsoft has confirmed that Skype for Business is now fully operational as part of a monthly update to Office 2013.

The product, which has been in technical preview for the past few weeks, is slated to replace the outdated Lync enterprise communication product and to that end Office 365 customers that use Lync Online will now be able to access Skype for Business.

Microsoft does recognise that some customers will find the Skype for Business interface a little alien compared to Lync and to combat this administrators will be able to flit between the two for a time.

Everywhere by May

Skype for Business offers an experience that is almost identical to the Skype consumer offering except it possesses the enterprise-grade security and compliance features needed by IT organisations. Employees can search and connect with anyone that already has Skype and engage in text, audio or video chat with colleagues in their own company or users of Skype.

Another interesting strand to Skype for Business will be the presence of the Skype Translator that, when it arrives, will make global collaboration a doddle for multi-national businesses. It's expected that the transition from Lync Online to Skype for Business Online will be completed for all users by the end of May.