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Skype on Android phones now lets you maintain eye contact while you multitask

Skype Android
You will never be as happy as this Skype for Android user is pretending to be

Up until now Skype's smartphone Android app has required users to actually focus on their conversations if they want to see what the person they're talking to is doing - but no more.

A new Android Skype phone app update has added a picture-in-picture feature that lets you keep looking at your conversation partner's face even as you tool around in other apps.

The feature was previously available only on Android tablets, which made sense back when smartphones weren't literally the same size as them.

Those were the days

Picture-in-picture for the Android Skype app shows a smaller Skype window that floats above whatever other apps you're using.

You can easily move it around so it isn't in the way, and the person you're supposed to be having a conversation with will never even know that they're less important to you than checking your News Feed is.

The Android Skype update also adds faster loading for chats opened from notifications, Google+ style formatted text, bug fixes, and more.

Via Phandroid