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Microsoft lining up Outlook for Windows RT tablets?

Microsoft lining up Outlook for Windows RT tablets?
Microsoft reportedly divided over Outlook for Windows RT

Microsoft is reportedly testing a version of its Outlook client for ARM-based tablets running Windows RT.

Tablets like the Microsoft Surface, have a dedicated Mail app, but nothing which compares to the all-singing-all-dancing Outlook app for Windows 8 PCs and laptops.

Now, Zdnet's Microsoft guru Mary Jo Foley has heard from three different sources that the full solution, including email, calendar, contacts and task management may well be on the way.

However, although testing is said to be taking place behind closed doors, the report claims Outlook for Windows RT may never see the light of day, commercially.

Internal back and forth

Apparently, there is "some internal back-and-forth" as to whether Microsoft should release such an app for its tablet operating system.

Foley's sources claimed that one camp is entrenched in the view that the existing Mail, People, and Calendar app bundle is the right way to go.

Another camp may be in favour of changing the name of the existing Mail app to Outlook.

Via ZDNet