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Kindle sales boom as Nook supply trickles

The Kindle is amazing, or so says Amazon...

In spite of an armada of competitors sailing into the e-book reader waters, Amazon's Kindle has apparently had its best month ever in terms of sales, or so the company says.

With December not yet into its fourth week, Amazon announced that the Kindle was its most popular product across the entire range of its catalogue. Many attribute the sales surge to the company's offer of free shipping in the U.S.

Bigging it up

However, in the absence of hard numbers, cynics might suggest Amazon is talking the Kindle up in a bid to raise its profile as competitors like Barnes & Noble's Nook hove into view.

Nonetheless, that may not even be necessary, as it turns out B&N is in a spot of bother with its supply chain and has been offering $100 (£62) gift certificates to anyone whose Nook doesn't arrive in time for Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.